Useful sources of helpful advice

(See also useful organisations and websites.)

  • The Social Services of your local council (e.g. for environmental aids and advice)
  • Your Local Education Authority (e.g. lipreading classes, sign language classes, other classes suitable for deaf people.)
  • Your local Disability Employment Advisor (at your local Jobcentre Plus) 
  • Your local Audiology clinic
  • Your nearest supplier of batteries, etc (this could be a local hospital or health centre)
  • Local Hard of Hearing club Hearing Link has a list of some local hard of hearing groups – they may be able to tell you of groups local to you if you contact them.)
  • Local deafened group (The NADP may be able to put you in contact with a local deafened group.)
  • Local self-help groups
  • Local tinnitus groups (The British Tinnitus Association has a list of some local Tinnitus groups. Contact them for more information.)
  • Local cochlear implant users groups (The British Cochlear Implant Group has a list of some local groups which can be viewed by clicking on the following link:
  • A government website providing information for disabled people: