Deaf Centres

Some deaf centres cater only for sign language users, some for speech users too.

You may find that you have a deaf centre or similar place local to you where you can meet other people in similar situations to yourself.

1. My Deaf Centre has a room of environmental aids. I have received a lot of help by going.

2. I use my local deaf centre. I like to go and see the latest environmental aids.

3. I go to the local deaf centre for the Hard of Hearing Club.

4. The Deaf Centre is worth visiting as they hold Tinnitus meetings there. I can meet and exchange ideas with others who suffer from Tinnitus.

5. We don’t have a deaf centre near us, but a group of us with hearing losses meet up at each other’s houses once a month or go out for days out together in the summer.  It’s good fun and we have a chance to share problems and solutions.

6. I have been to deaf centres all over the UK.  I found some deaf centres were really welcoming and some were not so helpful.