To avoid being knocked down in the street

1. I always use pedestrian crossings and I always use the Green Cross Code.

(Editor: The Green Cross Code does not seem to be used any longer – clicking here will take you to a Road Safety page)

2. I always use Zebra crossings or any other pedestrian crossings but I always remember that a lot of drivers don’t bother to stop at crossings so I always keep looking.

3. I have difficulty locating sound and so I always look round very carefully.

4. I watch out for roller skaters/ roller bladers and other fast, silent movers like bicycles, tricycles, skateboards and scooters, not only on the road but also on the pavement.

5. I never walk on the edge of the pavement. First it is dangerous and second it is usually the noisiest part of the pavement.

6. When I am in a one-way street, I always look both ways in case somebody is driving the wrong way.

7. I try to be more observant not only in front but also behind as this is a blind spot.

8. One contributor said, “Our lives are at stake and we have to be really careful. It is our responsibility.”