1. Do not be afraid to get involved with people and hobbies, etc. I find that people speak to me more easily if I am engaged in a craft, and the more I am busy the more I forget my problem.

2. I’ve enrolled in an art for leisure class. The college has provided a loop system so I can follow what the tutor says and I’ve got a hobby now that I can do at home.

3. I go to a camera club. I find the people there very helpful about speaking so that I can follow and guest speakers are asked to bring a transcript of their talk.

4. A lot of deaf people said they enjoy doing hobbies on their own, e.g. fishing, gardening, crafts, etc.

5. I like to do several crafts and occasionally join groups and classes to further my skills – I always let people know I have a hearing loss and explain that if I have to look at what I’m doing I can’t be lipreading and joining in with chat. Most people are very understanding about that.