To avoid interrupting a speaker

When you can’t hear everything that’s being said it can be difficult to know if the speaker has finished talking or if he’s just taking a breath, gathering his/her thoughts or waiting for someone else to reply.  This is especially so in a group of people as you can’t be looking everywhere at once.

Some people said they have used the following tactics in this sort of situation:

1. To avoid interrupting people starting to talk, I look for peoples’ expressions, body movements and intake of breath, etc.

2. If I cannot see everyone’s face in the group there’s a possibility I might interrupt so I move to a position where I can see everyone’s face.

3. I try not to mind if I occasionally interrupt someone speaking, because hearing people interrupt each other quite often.

4. If it becomes obvious I’ve interrupted someone, I try to make light of it and laugh at myself. I ask them to finish what they were saying then I have my say.