Getting used to hearing aids outdoors

1. Getting used to wearing hearing aids out of doors takes time.  Some people said that with experience they are now able to get more benefit from wearing their hearing aids outside.

2. If I am with someone I explain that I cannot hear them because of the wind (or because I have had to turn down or remove my hearing aid). I explain I cannot hear ­at all (or can’t hear them very well) and ask them if could they speak up and/or I will try to lipread them.

3. Some ladies wear a head scarf to stop wind affecting the microphone on their hearing aid. Other people wear a scarf. However, some people find that something over their heads makes the problem worse because it causes their hearing aid to whistle.

4. Some people have found it useful to wear special covers on their hearing aids. Connevans sells Ear Gear which is a cover for behind-the-ear hearing aids.

ear boots

(Editor’s note: Please be aware that there may be a reduction in volume when wearing a cover on or over hearing aids.)