Crowded rooms

A lot of deaf people say that they find being in a noisy, crowded place is one of the most difficult situations for following conversation.  In this chapter are some strategies that people have found worked for them in some situations.


Section A page 1 – Crowded rooms

A.a. Making the most of the environment (Crowded rooms)
A.b. Choice of party/meeting etc (Crowded rooms)
A.c. Choice of person to talk to (Crowded rooms)
A.d. Hearing aids and hearing strategies (Crowded rooms)
A.e. Lipreading (Crowded rooms)
A.f. Explanations and getting help (Crowded rooms)

Section A page 2 – Crowded rooms continued

A.g. Bluffing (Crowded rooms)
A.h. Ways of getting back into a conversation (Some will be relevant if you are trying to join a conversation) (Crowded rooms)
A.i. Looking after yourself and feeling OK (Crowded Rooms)
A.j. Taking a break from conversation (Crowded rooms)
A.k. Talking (Crowded rooms)
A.l. Before the party (Crowded rooms)
A.m. Give your own party (Crowded rooms)
A.n. General (Crowded rooms)

Section B – Dinner parties (or restaurants and pubs, etc)

B.a. Environment (Dinner parties, restaurants and pubs, etc)
B.b. Choice of people to talk to (Dinner parties, restaurants and pubs, etc)
B.c. Hearing aids and hearing strategies (Dinner party, restaurants and pubs, etc)
B.d. Lipreading (Dinner parties, restaurants and pubs, etc)
B.e. Explanations and getting help (Dinner parties, restaurants and pubs, etc)
B.f. General (Dinner parties, restaurants and pubs, etc)

Section C – Meetings and lectures, etc

C.a. Environment (Meetings and lectures)
C.b. Where to sit (Meetings and lectures)
C.c. Professional help and equipment which hearing impaired people may need at meetings and lectures
C.d. It is useful to tell the Chair/speaker/official before the meeting how s/he can help (Meetings and lectures)
C.e. How people besides the chair can help you (Meetings and lectures)
C.f. Explanations (Meetings and lectures)
C.g. Contributing to the meeting (Meetings and lectures)
C.h. Being the chairperson (Meetings and lectures)
C.i. General (Meetings and lectures)

Section D – Weddings