Hairdressers and barbers

The following are what some people said about how they manage when going to the hairdressers’ or barbers’ shops:

1. Explain that you are hard of hearing and explain how s/he can help you.

2. When you first sit down keep your hearing aid on while you give precise instructions about what you want and carry on any discussion about what you want.

3. Explain that you will have to remove the hearing aid for any washing/drying and so won’t be able to chat.

4. Ask her/him to get your attention if s/he needs to ask you something.

5. You will be looking at the speaker in the mirror, so it is worth practising lipreading in the mirror.

6. Ask if the radio or music can be turned down or off.

7. Go to the same hairdresser each time and get to know her/him.

8. Try to remember something about their interests and lead the conversation.

9. I take a good book or magazine and settle down to enjoy myself.

10. I remove the aid in good time so that it will not be damaged by water, shampoo or lacquer.

11. Explain and discuss your requirements before taking out your hearing aid.

12. Have pen and paper ready in case you need to have a discussion with the hairdresser.

13. Ask the hairdresser/ barber to get your attention before saying anything as you may be able to lipread them.

14. If the hairdresser/ barber is not friendly and helpful look and see if there is someone else at the shop who is or find a more friendly shop.

15. The big problem for me at the hairdressers is that I have to take my glasses off which means that I can’t see to lipread. I always ask them to tap me before they speak so I know to put my glasses on.

16. I’ve found using the speech-to-text app on my phone really helpful once I’ve taken my hearing aids out.