Out of Doors

This chapter includes strategies for situations which may occur out of doors such as in streets, parks, at football matches, whilst using an automatic cash dispenser, etc.

The situations covered in this chapter include background noise, wind noise or voices being “blown away” by the wind, walking side by side with someone else, being asked the way, etc.

Section A – Asking and being asked directions (out of doors)

Section B – Where to stand/walk when chatting (out of doors)

Section C – Explanations (out of doors)

Section D – Hearing Aids (out of doors)

Section E –  Getting used to hearing aids outdoors

Section F – Rain

Section G – To avoid being knocked down in the street

Section H – In the dark (out of doors)

Section I – Football matches

Section J – In the park

Section K – Activities (out of doors)

Section L – General (out of doors)