1. I always tell the hotel staff and management that I am hearing impaired and they always agree to come and tell me when there is a fire.  (Editor’s note: in the event of a real fire, staff may not be able to come and tell you as it may put them in danger)

2. I always make sure in hotels, bed and breakfasts or hostels that they know I have a hearing loss and may not hear alarms or public announcements.

3. I tell staff that in the event of a fire or other emergency they have permission to come straight into the room and wake me as I probably won’t hear the alarm or knocks on the door.

4. I always assume that if there is a fire that nobody will come and tell me, as they’ll be too busy looking after themselves. I have a cheap portable fire alarm with a flashing light which I always take with me to hotels. (It was bought at a DIY shop.)

5.  If I’ve stayed in a hotel that has a fire alarm that is accessible to deaf people (i.e. they have vibrating pads or flashing lights, I always praise the hotel.

6.  Quite a few hotels I’ve stayed in have had some sort of loop system in the reception area.  If I stay somewhere where there isn’t one I mention that a lot of hard of hearing people find them useful.