Asking and being asked directions (out of doors)

1. I try to avoid asking directions by always taking the appropriate map or using my Satellite Navigation system or using my phone to navigate/look at maps.

2. If I see someone looking as if they want to ask me for directions I move out of their way before they ask me and pretend I haven’t seen them.  There are always others they can ask.

3. I explain that I am hard of hearing and ask them to repeat.

4. I adjust my hearing aid in a very obvious way and explain that I am hard of hearing and ask them to repeat.  Sometimes people just shrug and walk away, but I don’t let it bother me any more, I have a laugh thinking they’d rather be lost than spend a few minutes longer on speaking to a deaf person.

5. I get them to spell the place names. If I still don’t understand, I get them to write it down.

6. One person said, “I carry a pencil and notebook and ask them to write it down.”

Another person said, “I always carry a pencil and paper with me as it comes in handy for those words or names I just can’t lipread or hear.”

7. If they frighten me, rather then explain I am hard of hearing I apologise and tell them that I do not know.

8. I tell strangers asking me for directions that “I’m a stranger here”.

9. I ask them to show me the address.

10. I am always ready for a surprise. Once I couldn’t catch the name and the person fingerspelt it for me.