Hearing Dogs

What some people have said about Hearing Dogs:

1. I have a Hearing Dog and it is wonderful.

2. One person said, “When my husband died I found it difficult to manage with knowing when the there was someone at the door and when my phone rang.  My social worker suggested that I get a hearing dog.  I was very doubtful at first as it was a long time since I’d had a dog.  However, I’ve found her really useful and I’ve become more outgoing, too, as people stop to talk to me about her when we’re out and about.  I wouldn’t be without her now.”

3. My hearing dog has made a huge difference – I no longer have to rely on various gadgets to alert me to household sounds and I feel I’ve regained my independence.

4. I have trained my own dog to tell me when there is somebody at the door or when the telephone is ringing, etc.

5. One person said, “I’ve had my dog since he was a puppy and he seems to have worked out for himself that there are some things I can’t hear – I’ve never trained him, but he comes and paws at me if there’s someone at the door.”

If you think you might benefit from having a Hearing Dog, you can contact them and ask for an application form.  There are some criteria as follows (as shown on the Hearing Dogs website):

Who can apply for a hearing dog?

You may be eligible if you:

  • are severely hard of hearing or profoundly deaf
  • need assistance to be made aware of sounds like the alarm clock, doorbell, telephone, smoke alarm etc.
  • want to feel independent from your family or colleagues, or if you spend a lot of time alone
  • can provide a dog with proper exercise, grooming, food and medical care (help may be given if this is difficult for you)
  • would enjoy the close company of a dog, and want to build a working partnership with one
  • don’t have other dogs at home (except perhaps for an elderly pet dog)
  • are over 18 years of age

(See Hearing Dogs in the Useful Organisations and Websites section for more information and contact details).