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Some people have found the following strategies useful:

1. I spent a lot of time worrying about attending my daughter’s wedding as I was sure I would not be able to hear the vows or the speeches. I told my daughter this and it was a lovely surprise when on the morning of the wedding she gave me several envelopes. The envelopes each said when they should be opened and contained the vows she and her groom were going to make and the best man’s speech. It meant so much to me that I could be a part of that.

2. Just before I had got married I had been attending lipreading classes. When I explained to my teacher that I was sorry I was going to miss a lot of what was going on, she gave me some ideas – getting people to let me see the speeches beforehand and having a run-though of the service. Then she arranged for a lipspeaker to come to class to tell us what service they offered and I knew this was what I wanted. It was an extra cost, but it was worth it because I was able to follow the service and the guest speakers and get all the asides and jokes. Having the lipspeaker there made my speical day even more special.

3. I knew I would struggle, but I just decided that it was my wedding day and I was going to enjoy it no matter what. And I did!