1. Many cinemas have installed loop systems in their auditoriums.

2. I find cinemas so loud that I usually have to turn down my hearing aid a little and can usually get the gist of what’s being said as long as the background music isn’t too distracting.

3. Many local newspapers give information about what is being screened at the local cinemas. They often also state when a screening will be shown with subtitles.

4. One person said “I check the website regularly to see what films are being subtitled locally.”  It also has subtitled trailers which I can watch to see if a film appeals to me. 

5. I always check that the showing will be subtitled both when I book tickets and when I arrive at the cinema. I have been a couple of times when the subtitles didn’t come on and complained at the front of house. The first time they restarted the film with the subtitles switched on, the second time, they wouldn’t work, so I got a refund.