The hearing aid should be kept dry to avoid possible damage.

1. I find that an umbrella is better than a rain hood because the latter shuts out voices.

2. I wear a hat to protect the aid.

3. Some people find that a hat with a brim causes their aid to whistle because of the position of the microphone.

One person said that they find that a cap is better than a hat or headscarf, because it does not cause whistling and it shades the eyes.

4. If I wear a hat then that reduces the volume of sound I want to hear and I have to be extra careful about warning sounds.

5. I find that wearing a hat causes my hearing aids to whistle, so I either remove them whilst caught out in the rain or use an umbrella.

6. Some people find it useful to wear covers on or over their hearing aids. (See the section on Getting Used to Hearing Aids outdoors)