In the dark (out of doors)

1. Where possible I choose to walk in streets which are well lit.

2. I walk in the middle of the pavement.

3. I sling my handbag across my body or wear it under my coat.  (Editors’ note: Some people disagree with this as you may be less likely to come to harm if you give a mugger your bag without a struggle.)

4. I have my door keys in my pocket and I do not get them out until I get to my door.

5. I get my keys ready just before I get home so I don’t have to stand outside the door looking for them.

6. I have attended a talk on safety at the local police station.

7. I carry a small pocket torch.  It can be useful if I need it to see someone’s face to lipread and also for finding keyholes in the dark.  Before switching the torch on I say something like “I can hear you better if I can see your face.”  (I try to keep the beam out of their eyes)

8. One person said, “I always take a walking stick with me even though I don’t really need one.  It makes me feel a bit more confident if I have to go out on my own after dark. 

9. One person said, “I always try to look as if I’m confident – I read somewhere that thugs are more likely to target people who don’t look confident.”

10. Although I can’t hear on a phone I always carry a mobile phone with me, out of sight. If I feel I need to I can call my son or a friend.  I’ve never had to use it, but it makes me feel safer just having it with me.”