Section 1 – Travelling in general
1.a. Planning journeys and finding information about public transport

Section 2 – Travelling by train
2.a. The disabled person’s railcard
2.b. Trains and train stations
2.b.i    Getting information about the train journey from train stations or travel agents
2.b.ii   Buying the train ticket
2.b.iii  Finding the right platform and the right train
2.b.iv  Getting off the train at the right station
2.b.v.  General strategies on trains and stations  Underground trains

Section 3 – Travelling on local buses
3.a.  Getting information about the bus journey from bus stations or travel agents
3.b.  Buying bus passes and tickets
3.c.  Finding the right bus stop at a bus station (or in the street) and the right bus
3.d.  Getting off the bus at the right bus stop
3.e.  General strategies on local buses

Section 4 – Travelling by coaches
4.a. On the coach and managing “stop offs”

Section 5 – Planes and airports
5.a. Getting information and buying plane tickets
5.b. Finding the right plane
5.c. On the plane
5.d. General strategies in planes and airports
5.e. On arrival by plane

Section 6 – Travelling by car
6.a. As a driver
6.b. Communicating with a passenger if you are a deaf driver
6.c. As a passenger
6.d. Breakdowns
            6.d.i   Breakdowns in general
            6.d.ii  Breakdowns on a motorway
            6.d.iii Breakdowns off a motorway

Section 7 – Holidays in general