1. I persuaded my church to have a loop system (some churches have infrared systems) for the one in seven people who have a hearing problem. I also got them to display a notice telling other people that there is a loop system. (Notices can be obtained from Hearing Link.) I have also persuaded my church to have an individual, or small team (of which I am part), which is responsible and checks the loop system and ensures that it is working properly and switches it on for services.

2. I ask for lights to be left on during the sermon as it helps with lipreading and ask that anybody who reads, etc, stands in a good light.

3. I have persuaded our vicar to run off extra copies of his sermon for deaf members. Now that he has a word processor it has been even easier for him to do so. It has been the most wonderful help.

4. When our church decided to have a loop system installed I asked that our deaf members of the congregation could have a say in what was needed.  We now have a loop microphone available not just in the lectern, but also in the places where other readers usually stand and also a loudspeaker for the congregation in general.